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Motion Detectors

Alerts you of someone walking in front of the sensor inside your home.


Window Contacts

Placed on accessible windows to let you know if a window is opened while the alarm is set.


Panic Buttons

Can be used for police or medical. You may also have it alert someone's phone.

Security Options


Door Sensors

Detect the opening and
closing of your doors. Placed on all of your entry doors to let you know if a door opens while your alarm is set.


Glass Breakage Sensors

Pet friendly sensors that
detect the sound & frequencies of breaking glass.


Overhead Door Contacts

Allows you to see the status of your overhead door from your keypad (or your phone if you have Set alerts if you leave your over head door open for too long.

Smart Home Devices

  • Locks

    • Unlock your door using a 4 digit pin code
      or the app. Program multiple codes for different users and be notified when they unlock the door.

  • Garage Door Controls

    • Open and close your garage door or check it's
      status from anywhere with the app or website. You can set your alerts to go off if the door is left open too long.

  • Lighting

    • Automate your lights through your security system. Set a schedule for them to turn on
      and off or set them to turn on when a camera detects motion.​

  • Thermostats

    • Easily control your thermostat from your
      phone or computer. Have it adjust while you are away to save energy. Get alerts for high and low temps or when the thermostat is adjusted. Automatically pause HVAC when smoke or carbon monoxide is detected to
      limit the circulation of fumes.​

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