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Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) System

Your camera system can be viewed on-site through TV monitors or via the computer network at your home or office. They can also be viewed off-site on your computer, tablet or smart phone, allowing the peace of mind that your home or workplace is safe no matter where you are.


Cameras come in many different sizes and can be made to fit your
individual wants and needs. For example, we can wire them to watch a
cash register and simultaneously show you what is being rung up on
that register to ensure accurate transactions and avoiding internal theft.


ASI Security offers free estimates to talk about what you want to
achieve out of your customized camera system.


Brands We Use


Large selection of cameras as well as different options and features to suit your business' needs.


Reliable ID of security threats keeping public spaces and businesses safe. NDAA Compliant.

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